“Extinction is the rule. Survival is the exception.” 

– Carl Sagan 


The only universal rule in our planet is the rule to survive. Eversince our earth was formed every single organism thrive to survive. From the smallest bacteria to wild Giants like dinosaurs they all flourish to survive. They shape the history of our planet, they leave a mark in our race and they play a significant role in understanding the beauty of survival. 
Being a survivor is in our blood,  it is encoded in our DNA. Millions of years  ago our ancestors travel far and wide to find shelter, food, water and wild places to validate their existence and to prove that no matter how harsh our planet is, they are willing to conquer every land and ocean to preserve the human race. 
The battle to survive is not yet over. Every minute of our lives is a challenge. From our first step as a child to landing our first job, every actions that we take is an act of survival. Every second of our existence depends on how we play the game of survival. We wake up early to avoid tardiness in our work because we don’t want to loose our job, we travel around the globe because we want to survive out of our comfort zone, we act normal because our society does not tolerate weirdness and non-conformity and we fight for our rights and feelings to exercise our freedom; these and thousands other reasons and acts are all forms of survival. 
We now live in a world where each and everyone of us fight different battles in order to survive. It is a hidden war. A war to our self, a war to our society and a war to all the species that walk this earth. Survival can be dangerous,  but if you play it well the outcome would be stupendous, splendid and meaningful. 

Last weekend I was fortunate enough to be part of the BACKPACKERS SURVIVOR SEASON 4. It was like the the popular show “SURVIVOR” where contestants lived in an isolated place with no assurance for their safety. I have to admit that when I received the official invitation I was excited and nervous. I know that that I’ve been to so many places but not knowing where to go or where to stay and the people that I’m going with, that’s kinda nerve wracking. I don’t have any idea where the survivor challenge will take place nevertheless I decided to follow my instinct. I always believe that whenever you feel nervous and at the same excited, thats the sign that you really need to pursue your instinct,so I packed my belongings and I headed to our designated meeting place.. 

We arrived in our destination at around 6 in the morning. The sun is out and the cool morning breeze was just mesmerizing. The view of wide lush greens and plains of grass were just fascinating. One of the survivor crew lead us to the beach where most of the challenges were held. As we get closer to the beach, I was astonished by the pure beauty of the place. The gushing of waves rushing to hug the shore was just spectacular. The vastness of the horizon matched with the perfectly colored sky were just tantalizing. The sand that looks like a bazillion stars sparkling and shimmering in a long and captivating shore. This is one of those moment that I felt total connection with the earth, the oneness of my soul to nature and the magical feeling of being alive. 

The game officially started when our gracious and charming host divided us into three tribes. Our main goal is to compete with our fellow tribes to win every challenges. In order for us to win, we need total team effort. We need to plan our actions and we need to be physically and mentally strong. The challenges were really tough and exhausting. We need to have an effective strategy to win a reward and to save one of our members. It involves communication,open-mindedness and willingness to strive hard. The challengs makes me realized that we may have a different dreams and backgrounds but we can all work together to  achieve our goals and aspirations. We may have a different views and perceptions but we can all work hand in hand to uplift the status of our living condition and in order for us to do more and live more. We humans are all connected, we are just divided by different beliefs and traditions. We all need to understand that we all made of the same dust that created our galaxies. We need to find each other and we need to accept each other in order to survive in this unpredictable world. 

The competition gets harder and harder. There are times that we need to stay under the scorching heat of the sun in order to win something for our team, sometimes we hurt others to have an immunity for the next eviction. But we don’t just fight for a reward or for an immunity, we fight because in reality thats the only choice. In reality, fighting for your life is not an option its a choice that everyone should make. Everyday is a battlefield, we fight for our existence, we fight for what we believe, we fight for our value, we fight for our hope and ambition, we fight to prove our worth and to prove that we are not just a number in this world.  We all want to create an impact to some else’s life, to influence and to inspire other, to continue the fight that our ancestors have started. We need to keep the fire in our belly and we need to choose what we love. Every battle that we have won will define our future. 

After a series of tiring mind draining games the remaining teams where combined into one group. This time the competition is getting serious. Every players were fighting for their own survival. It’s a not a team effort anymore. This is the moment that we need to have a clear focus on what we want and we need to established trusted alliances to stay longer in the competition. I think I was lucky enough to be part of the final team. The great creator of the universe decided that I should be on the team, to test my limits and for me to experience the chaos and hardship of surviving alone. This goes to everybody, in order to survive in this mad world,  you don’t need a lot of friends because the sad truth is, you are alone. It is YOU that is responsible for your future, it is YOU  that is responsible for every mistakes and it is YOU that have the power to shape your world according to your beliefs, feelings and desire. Use your power to survive and to Outwit obstacles. YOU is the creator of you own universe. 

On the last part of the competition, we finally had a winner. The sole survivor. A survivor that is dedicated to take a risk, a survivor that had clear view of what he wants, a survivor that is willing to take extra miles to achieve his goals, and a survivor that is brave to outwit and outplay everyone to conquer his goals. A survivor that is calm but have a wild spirit to pursue his passion, to follow his bliss and to emerge alive in a battlefield. 

We are all survivors. We all deserve to be a sole survivor. We are all winners in our own way. It just a matter of looking in the right perspective. We all have the power to mold our future base in our curiosity and understanding of the world we live in. We are all equal in the game of survival. Plants, animals and humans are fighting for eternity. We fight for our righteous existence in this planet. Every species play a significant role in the game of survival, we need to play our role according to the balance of nature. We need to keep going because the future is waiting for us. We need to survive to find the edge of the rainbow and we need to survive to rewrite the history of our planet.  


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