It was a tantalizing tropical morning. We woke up early to witness the the second sunrise of our Mindoro adventure. It was a quite morning, the Soothing sound of the waves and the  birds singing in a sweet lullaby matched with the beautiful horizon was absolutely stunning. The sun light up the sky with hues from bright yellow to orange and to deep blue. I was astonished, I realized that nature always have the power to make us feel small, how nature can change our perception towards life and how nature can alter our destiny. On that moment I felt total oneness with nature. 
When we finished our breakfast we hurriedly prepare our belongings, we can’t contain our excitement because we will explore another beautiful island. 

 On the second day of our Mindoro escapade we headed to Buyayao Island. It’s just 1 hour boat ride from suguicay Island. Buyayao Island is part of the clusters of island in the municipality of Bulalacao in Oriental Mindoro. 
As the boat gets closer and closer to the shore my heart beats wildly, I can hear the beating of my heart to the harmonies of tropical drums and to the music of the ocean. I was astonished by the pure beauty of the island. The stretch of fine white sand, the peacefulness that it offers and the lush forest providing comfort for a hot tropical day were just surreal. I felt something, something that is beyond joy and bliss as if the universe were inside my body. This paradise island will make your world stop, you will be captivated by the profound beauty of this place. I was in total awe. The island was blessed with white powdery sand (some part of the island have pink sand!!!), Azure waters and verdant forest teeming with wildlife. I can guarantee that this sunny island can capture the heart of every adventure junkie. The experience and the tropical vibe were just mesmerizing. 

 There are no established communities in this island and they don’t allow overnight stay yet. There are a lot of fun activities if you are planning for a day tour like snorkeling, scuba diving, taking stunning photos, trekking, and exploring the jungle just be extra careful because according to locals the forest was home to wild deers, phyton, cobras and really clever Monkey’s. This is a must visit place. The island is full of wonders, it will awake the inner child in all of us. 

Contact person for boat rentals:

Mr. Ricky Buenaventura – 09503994330/09982517662

Travel advice:

Be a response traveler! Dispose every waste materials properly. It is our responsibility to protect and preserve every islands/places that we visit.


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