It’s a week before the holy week and I’m a bit stress because I still don’t have a place to go where I can truly enjoy the beach, the ocean and just get totally lost to the beauty of the place.  Since most of us prefer to go to the beach during holy week its hard to find a destination without crowded tourist that is near in the city. So, I called my friend and asked her if she can recommend a place where we can enjoy our summer getaway and just embrace total isolation and peacefulness. She asked me to visit the municipality of Bulalacao in Oriental Mindoro and after a week of stressful searching and browsing the Internet,  I found myself in the middle of the ocean in a ship going to Mindoro.  

 The province of Mindoro is a travelers paradise with its mountain ranges,  lush jungles, pristine beaches and the unspoiled beauty of its islands. It’s  a dream tropical getaway. 

 From the moment I stepped  out of the ship and when the cool morning breeze hits my body, I knew that this place has something extraordinary to offer. The smile of the locals were very refreshing, the sound of the leaves dancing in the summer wind were very inviting and the view of the endless rice fields were just amazing. I easily fell in love in Mindoro, there’s something unique about this place that is very hard to explain. I guess, it’s the simplicity of the sorroundings, the laid-back life style and good vibes attitude of the people.  This province has a magical charm that is hard to resist. 

 Aside from Puerto Galera, Mindoro is home to beautiful landscapes, mountains, caves, forest, picrturesque beaches and Virgin islands. The municipity of Bulalacao which located in the southern part of Oriental Mindoro is a perfect summer destination due to its mesmerizing beaches and beautiful islands. Most of the islands have no established community which is perfect for beach relaxation and the best thing is, you can totally enjoy the whole  the island.  

 Our journey begins in SUGUICAY ISLAND . The island was blessed with mangrove trees, powdery white sand, coconut trees, crystal shore and healthy and striving marine life. We arrived at this island at around 10 in the evening, we were tired so we set up our camps and prepared our dinner. After our dinner we decided to take a rest because tomorrow is going to be a long day of beach-ing and exploring. We woke up by the sound of the chickens and the sound of the waves. When i unzipped my tent door I was stunned by the splendidness of the place. The sun has started to rise and its creates a beautiful hues of colors in the sky. The relaxing sound of the waves kissing the shore are just perfect,i quickly prepare my coffee and sit on the beach. Coffee in the beach was just perfect. What an incredible morning. 

What makes this island really special are the locals,the people are sooo nice and very accommodating. They are very hospitable like in the highest level of hospitality. Their kindness was just pure and authentic.  I want to give credit to Mang Ricky’s family who accommodate us and open their arms to accept us and help us in every way they can. His lovely wife “mother remia” is a perfect example of a kind and caring mother. Her kindness is immeasurable, she is the most loving (we’ll, aside from my mom) and caring mother in the world. We love you mother remia!! 

There’s a lot of activities that you can enjoy in Suguicay Island like beach volleyball, snorkeling, camping, treking the mangrove forest, wild duck watching, and sharing stories with the locals on their common “tambayan”. Suguicay is our “home island” this where we set our camps, cook our meals and rest after a long day of island hopping. The tropical vibe of this island is perfect for chillaxing. I suggest that you should spend time exploring the whole island, there are more awesome spot to discover in this place.

 Just a friendly reminder, be sure that you disposes your waste especially plastics properly. The locals are doing there best to clean their island, so please be responsible. Also, as we all know plastics is harmful to our environment, it can destroy our marine life. Please avoid using plastics when traveling. Thanks! 

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Contact person:

Mr. Ricky Buenaventura – 09503994330/09982517662

(boat rentals and for a place to stay.) 
To maximize your visit to this paradise you need to secure these things:

Lots of water 

Food (mother remia owns a sari-sari store) 

Ice cold beers!! (haha) 



Powerbank (the island has a generator so there’s a limit in their electric supply) 
ENJOY!!!!!! ☀ 🌴 ✌ 🌊 🏝 


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