EXPLORE MORE! An application for writing intern #wimtern 

Our existence in the universe is limited,our time is not eternal and our life can end at any moment. I believe that we are all born to be an explorer and we are all born to experience every culture, speak different languages and embrace every human in our earth. It is embedded in our genes, remember that our ancestors who lived millions of years ago,  cross every continent in our planet not just to explore but to proved that they were not alone. Exploring is the key to ultimate bliss and it is the answer to feel the joy of being fully alive. 

Hello, WIM team, I’am Edss tolentino and I am an explorer. I’m not sure if I have the rights to call myself an explorer since I’ve only travel here in the Philippines but since exploring/traveling was my first love I guess I can consider myself as one. (Haha) I explored 25 beaches and islands in our country and I’m still counting, I will never stop until I set foot on the last tiny island of our achipelego. Also, I love to write. Writing gives me the total freedom to express my feelings, it opens alot of doors and possibilities and when I write I feel that I was connected to my soul. My consciousness was flying high in the far edge of our universe. 

By the way I’m 26 years old and I’m currently working as Area Visual Merchandiser in a fashion retail brand. I lived in Makati and I’m half cebuana and half batangena. Thanks! 

 let’s all  radiate love and good vibes to the world. ✌ 🌊 🏝 ☀ #wimtern #followyourbliss #agayinabackpack 


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