LA LA LA UNION! ☀ 🌴 ✌ 🏄 

         As I was browsing my Facebook account one evening my attention was caught by an interesting photo that appeared on my wall. In the photo, my friend was sitting in a surf board in the middle of the blue ocean waiting for a perfect wave to conquer. I got easily mesmerized by his photo then I realized that I really wanted to try surfing for a very long time. But where? Where can I find a place to try surfing and experience the ultimate beach vibe? I searched online for  some answers. Then I got interested in a blog about LA Union. Since I was in Ilocos Norte during that time,  I decided to go to La Union before I go back to Manila. 

         La Union is a well-known surfing destination in the Philippines. Local and foreign tourists are captivated by the wildness of it’s waves and  the always-summer aura of the place.

          I arrived in La Union at around 6 in the morning. I was too early and I was surprised when the guy from the hostel told me that they were accepting guest at around 1 in the afternoon. Since, I don’t want any negative vibes I decided to stay in the shore and I just let the time passed as I was watched hundreds of waves racing to reach the shore. As the sun started to rise and the horizon turned blue I was stunned by the calmness of the place. When the sunlight hits the ocean it created a sea of stars glistening in the hot morning sun. The beauty was just irresistible and on that moment I know that my trip to this place is something unforgettable. I enjoyed watching surfers with their surf boards scanning the ocean for a perfect wave to ride on. The children’s laughter playing in the shore was a Soothing music to my ear. It was a life changing experience.

       La Union offers an extraordinary beach vibe. The chillaxing environment was tempting and the laid-back lifestyle was very inviting. For me, it was like a hipster paradise. Reggae music was playing in the background, surfers dancing through the rhythm of the waves and the artsy environment will you give you the feeling of an ultimate summer vibe. It was never a dull moment in La Union. The locals are happy and it’s a place without strangers. There’s no rich or poor traveler in La Union, everyone was invited to the party, a party where everyone is free to express themselves and a party where everyone celebrated the beauty of being alive. It was a great escape from a toxic and tiring life in the city, it’s a romantic destination for lovers who wants to savor there eternal love and a wonderful place for friends to glorify the promise of lasting friendship. For me, La Union embodies the ultimate beach vibe.

 So, it’s time for me to try surfing. I was extremely excited, it was like Leonardo di Carpio ask you for a date! I rented a surf board for 400 pesos including the instructor fee for an hour. My knees were trembling because of fear but at the same time I felt pure ecstasy. The feeling was surreal, I felt like I was a child again, it was like buying my first toy for the first time and playing with it until I get the feeling or the moment of total satisfaction. I continude to paddle and tried my best to stand on the board and when that moment came it was like a dream. A dream exploding through different galaxies and attracting positive energies in the whole universe. It was a moment of total satisfaction. As John McCarthy says “surfing is the most blissful experience you can have on this planet, a taste of heaven.”
     Aside from surfing there are some must-visit places in La Union like the now popular Tangadan falls and the Bahay na Bato (house of stone). Looking for a nice place to eat is not a burden since there are lots of hole in the wall diners that offers delicious foods in a very affordable prices. La Union also offers cheap hostels and transient houses for backpackers and budget travelers. 

In just a few hour drive from Manila you can experience the bohemian/rustic vibe of La union. Instead of just visiting the place try to immerse yourself to the sorroundings. Be a local, meet different people and just let the waves wash your sorrows.

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